Are You Ready to Speak?

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Are you ready to speak?  Right now… if somebody called you and said, “Our regularly-scheduled speaker is sick with the flu, can you come out and take his spot? You’re on in twenty minutes.”

Could you do it?

One of the many challenges we face as speakers is our ability to speak at a moments notice on any given topic.  If you’ve been speaking for any amount of time or if someone knows you want to be a speaker, you’ll be asked to speak at a moments notice.

A number of years ago while watching television I saw a reporter interviewing someone claiming to be a rap artist. The reporter said, “I hear you’re quite good…let’s hear something…” The rapper started rapping and within 10 seconds she started giggling nervously… and stopped. The interviewer said, “oh come on, I can do better than that.” He rapped for about 30 seconds about what he had for breakfast that morning. I have to honest with you, I felt sorry for that young artist.  This was her big moment but she wasn’t ready and unfortunately the reporter was…

My speech coach, Craig Valentine, always says, “Martin, don’t get ready to speak… stay ready.”  That means I keep story files on all sorts of topics.  I suggest you do the same.  If an idea pops into your head, write it down. Within a few short months you have dozens of stories you can pull out of your “speaking hat” when asked to address a crowd.  It’ll look amazing how you just seem to come up with original material all the time.

So remember… don’t get ready to speak… Stay ready!


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