Is Speech Coaching Worth the Trouble?

Posted July 27th, 2010 by Martin Presse with 1 Comment

Professional athletes have them and professional speakers should have one as well. I still have one. His name is Craig Valentine. There are a number of reasons you need a coach, here are just three of those reasons.

1.) To bounce ideas off of.

2.) Experience…
….Your coach has probably been there!

3.) Shorten the learning curve.

The last one is very important. In the past I used to ask everybody for advice. If you were within ear shot, I’d probably have asked you, too. After a while I started noticing that everybody has an opinion. Good or bad, they have an opinion. When I first met Craig I noticed he got to the point very quickly.  He found the errors and make comments that were quick and easy to implement.  I hired him to coach me over a two day period in his living room. I left two days later having learned more in 16 hours than some speakers learn in 1000 hours of trying to figure it out themselves or by asking people who aren’t professional speakers.

Who is coaching for? It’s for anybody who has to stand before an audience and sell an idea or product. It’s for people in sales, architects, engineers, lawyers, politicians. I saw a prominent politician address a crowd two years ago and was astounded with his failure to look into the crowd. I wish I could have had 20 minutes of coaching time with him.

I hope you take the time and get some coaching… your bottom line, political career, and list of clients will thank you for it!

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Satish says:

October 14, 2011 at 11:23 pm

Hi Martin, I feel richer having known you. I would like to talk to you soon and may be meet you in person. I have been following you for past couple of years. I am very impressed with your hard work and achievements. You are my inspiration!

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