Why You Just Can’t Seem to Finish Writing Your Book

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Even wonder why you struggle writing your book? There are many challenges every writer will face when writing their book.  The issue could be time, focus, or finding the right topic. Let’s assume you’ve past all that. You’ve found the time by writing early in the morning before the kids get up. You’ve decided to write only 45 minutes per day so staying focused isn’t a big problem. Lastly you’ve also found the right topic. You firmly believe in your message and you’ve got the stories to share. It appears the book should write itself.

The problem then begins to appear shortly after you’ve started to write. The first week or so go by very well and then it happens. You sit down and suddenly you ask yourself, “What should I write about today?” You spend about ten minutes staring at a blank page. Nothing seems to inspire you or what you write doesn’t seem good enough. You decide to take a day off or edit what you’ve previously written.

You do this again the following day. You might get lucky and find a few days here and there to write new material but essentially, slowly but surely, you lose interest in your material. You eventually lose interest in the project and you’re barely 30 days into it.

How could this have been avoided. Simple..Spend more time on your outline. If writers spend just 14 days reviewing and revising their book outline their odds of finishing their book increase exponentially. The question is why?

A clear and detailed outline helps remove any muddy water from the writers mind. As you sit down every morning your job is to look at your outline and tackle one or two of the bullet points for a particular chapter. A clear outline removes the option to sit and wonder what the day should bring. It’s right there. You get to pick what inspires you at that moment and then write about it.

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