What the Heck is Your Competition Doing

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Goals…we talk about them all the time. I have one simple goal for each month: One new client…that’s it…that’s the goal. It helps me be very strategic in my sales and marketing. It’s a small goal and it keeps the business side of things very focused. This was a tough month. Two potential clients said, “No”..and one wanted everything for next to nothing. After years of experience I’ve learned not to take the “No’s” personally. They weren’t ready and I’m ok with that. When they are ready, I’ll be ready.

I had to refocus and keep asking the question, “Who can I reach out to and get as a client”….”Think brain, think”…Late nights…Long nights…A dozen emails..a dozen phone calls…Bam…Two new clients this month.

As a book writing coach, this can be a tough business. I have to be at my best in a very competitive field. To be at my best I have to ready to negotiate and answer a myriad of questions. The more I hesitate, the more likely I am to loose a potential client. Preparation is key. This requires constant research. Not only am I asking what my competition is doing but “why” are they doing it. The best business advice I ever got was this, “What got you here, won’t get you where you want to go.”  If I want new clients each month I need to figure out a way to get their attention and that requires understanding what my competition is doing, why they are doing it and are they doing it successfully.

Something tells me I did something right this month. I need to think about it, analyze it and do it again and again..My competition is doing many things extremely well..I think I’ll go over for a coffee soon..


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