Starting Your Book….One Easy Step That Will Save You Weeks of Frustration.

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Starting Your Book…One Easy Step that Will Save You Weeks of Frustration

1) Take the next 10 days and write 5 bullet points you want to talk about in each chapter.


For example:

Chapter Two: How to Hire Good Staff

1)      Identifying a need

2)      The interview process

3)      Understanding Personality Types

4)      Doing background checks

5)      Creating a Good Fit


Chapter three: Finding the Ideal Client

1)      Making the initial contact

2)      Understanding their needs

3)      Dealing with Objections

4)      Creating a need

5)      Understanding Their Budgetary Constraints


Once you have done this for ten chapters then you’re ready to start writing.

Chapter One is all you.

Establish your credibility

Your past successes and even some of your failures. Make sure you tell us how you grew

from those failures and how they benefited you in the long run.

Make it very clear to us how you are an expert in your industry

What will I learn by reading this book

How will my organization or life change by reading this book.


Last Chapter

A review of all the previous chapters highlighting the most important points. Really sell the benefits of the book and your ideas.

Why Understanding Egoic Labels is Pivotal for Life Coaches

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The first time I heard the term “egoic label” was in September of 2013, just a few months ago. Since then that term has become the most important expression in my vocabulary.

An egoic label is defined as the way people define themselves and the role they serve. Here are a few common egoic labels:

  • Mother – the most powerful label
  • Doctor
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Author
  • Business Owner


An egoic label is something you would clearly identify yourself as when introducing yourself. More importantly however, it is a something you would defend if someone challenged you and said you were not. Can you imagine if you are a father and a member of your family said, “You may have a child but you aren’t a father”. You would instantly defend your position by saying, “Of course I’m a father. Don’t question me on something like that. I was there at the moment of conception!!! I even helped my wife give birth.  I fed my child, I enrolled my child in school….” on and on you would go. You are a father. That is an egoic label nobody can take from you.


Have you ever tried to tell a doctor after all those years of post secondary education, passing the necessary exams and finally working with patients that she isn’t a doctor. The same can be said for lawyers, engineers, and teachers.


Here are examples of what an egoic label is not:

  • Someone who helps people get over their fear of heights.
  • I help people discover their true gifts
  • Lover of Nature
  • Fun seeker

An egoic label is typically one or two words.

As a coach you want to create your marketing material so your potential clients will instantly self identify with an egoic label. Being able to self identify is key. When they read your reports, blogs or watch your YouTube videos, your clients must say, “hey that’s me. I’m a mother. This person is talking to me. I should listen”

Here’s an example of getting your clients to self identify and take action, “Attention Single Mom’s (egoic lable) get over your fear of heights and discover new fun filled adventures.”

I see so many life coaches trying to appeal to everyone. Everyone is not an egoic label. By trying to appeal to everyone your message will not get through. Why will it not get through?  Good question. We are bombarded each day with hundreds of ads, messages, Facebook and twitter posts seeking our attention, and that doesn’t include radio and television. By using egoic labels you will weave through all the distractions and message overload, helping your clients find you. The great thing about using specific egoic labels is that you’ll attract clients that may not have been looking for you. They key is get them to self identify.

Who are you looking for? What does your ideal client look like, where do they work and what do they identify themselves as. The more clear you are, the easier it will be for you to reach them and for them to find you.

Wishing you all the best..

Booya to you my friend..



Motivational Video for Leadership Youth Group

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