Is Your Audience Engaged or Disengaged…Here’s Why

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Audiences are typically actively engaged for several reasons. For example, audiences who volunteer to attend a workshop are more apt to participate. Workshops that are directly related to work life or responsibilities also connect with audiences more frequently. Here are two more.

First, attendees become fully engaged when they thoroughly enjoy the session, connect with the speaker and feel a sense of empowerment from the material. Whenever attendees are mentally and physically engaged in a workshop they tend to enjoy the workshop more. If you notice people taking notes shortly into a workshop, talking amongst themselves, and begin to openly debate with you some of the material being covered, you’re on the right path. If they aren’t, stop talking and get them to engage physically, have them do a group exercise, or simply ask them to take a 5 minute break. During the break your job is to plan a “course correction”. This means figuring out what they need in order to become thoroughly engaged in your workshop. It might mean more class exercises, group discussion, or simply having them stand up more often as you speak. Yes, I ask my audiences to stand as I speak. Just two minutes of standing completely change the energy of the room.

The second reason audience members fully participate occurs when they see something of themselves they dislike. Metaphorically speaking, when a speaker holds up a mirror and asks the audience to carefully review the image, we sometimes see a shift in their energy. One of two things will happen. Audiences will disengage because they like or agree with the image being presented and have nothing to say about it. The second reaction will see them fully engage because they dislike the reality of the image and demand massive action to correct the image.

As a workshop leader it is your responsibility to hold up mirrors and see which images they agree and disagree with. Your role is to then generate discussion and help audiences find solutions to the myriad of challenges facing them.

Summer Time…Let’s Get to Work

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It’s summer time and you might be thinking of taking it easy, maybe slowing down for the summer months. Folks that would be a tragic mistake. Your competition isn’t slowing down. They are getting up earlier and working through lunch trying to grow their business. I really believe hard work pays off huge dividends. I never quit and neither should you. This summer is the perfect time to grow as a speaker and small business owner. From May 15th – Aug 15th, 2013 my coaching package will be on special. You will get six hours of my time for only $197.00 (plus taxes). That is a $400 savings. Together we’ll go over your website, your brand, and how you position yourself as an expert. We’ll review any speeches you are currently working on. We’ll have group calls with business experts to help you get further and faster than you ever thought possible. This summer will eventually come to an end. Will your website be updated, will your book be done and most importantly will your bottom line have increased because you used speaking as a tool to effectively market yourself?

For those of you who know me personally you know I dislike to boast. I like to let my actions speak for themselves but let me ask you this, I’ll be speaking to organizations and clubs almost every weekday and weekend this summer, will you? My website will be completely revamped and I’ll have a new book out. Will you? It can be done and I’d love to show you how. Teaching is what I do, it’s in my blood. Booya Seminars is all about helping entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Today I showed an 18 year old track star how to open a speaking business and I’m helping a retiring football player prepare for life after sports and become a professional speaker. They have a plan, what’s your plan?

Sign up today. Do not wait till tomorrow. Winners take immediate action. They decide quickly and never look back. Call the number below to get your “Summer Speaker Package” immediately. We can start working together today.

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Is Speech Coaching Worth the Trouble?

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Professional athletes have them and professional speakers should have one as well. I still have one. His name is Craig Valentine. There are a number of reasons you need a coach, here are just three of those reasons.

1.) To bounce ideas off of.

2.) Experience…
….Your coach has probably been there!

3.) Shorten the learning curve.

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