Certified World Class Speaking Coach

Have you ever given a speech you wanted to take back? Have you ever walked away from a speech you wished you could have given? How many  times have you seen a great speech and thought, “How does he do that? I want to be able to do that!!!”

Well you can… Greatness lies within you!

In 2009, Martin decided to work with two of the best speakers in the industry, Craig Valentine and Mitch Meyerson. Craig and Mitch developed a course called the “World Class Speaking Coach Certification Program.” It encompassed all the greatest tips, tools and techniques every great speaker must know and use effectively.  Whether it’s finding speech ideas, using dialogue, or selling an idea or product, there are certain fundamentals that will make your speech outstanding.

Martin received the World Class Speaking Certificate in 2009 and now teaches those techniques to speakers all across Canada and the United States… the rest of the world will come later…

If you need coaching, Martin can show you immediate results, vastly improving your skills and your bottom line.

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