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The better you are, the more you understand the need for a performance coach and an ongoing mentor to help you continue to improve. C level executives who truly want to stand out from the crowd and master the game of presenting effectively to Board Members, staff and colleagues seek out speaking and presentation skills consultants to ensure their message will have
maximum impact.

Speakers, sales professionals, marketers, and top business executives rely on Martin Presse to help them make the most of their presentations. Half day and full day coaching session help you master the basics of speech writing and delivery. You’ll learn how to use dialogue, present characters, and create scenes.


To build a successful practice, you need to understand how to:

  • Build stellar presentations to keep your audience on the edge of their seats.
  • Turn your presentations into multiple profitable income streams.
  • Utilize leading-edge technology and speak to thousands without leaving home.
  • Automate your business to make passive, recurring income 24 hours a day.

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Coaching Package Tailored just for You

If you are looking to become a better speaker, presenter, or emcee now is the time to take action and invest in yourself. Don’t think of this as an expense, it’s an investment. Your competition is constantly improving their skill set and so should you. If you aren’t feeling completely comfortable walking into a boardroom to sell your ideas to senior level executives, Martin Presse can help you.  Booya Seminars can help you put together a coaching package to meet your specific needs. We can meet face to face if geography isn’t a problem or work together using Skype and email. If your goal is to become more effective and confident as you approach the podium then let Booya Seminars help you achieve that goal. Learn to build sound arguments, to open and close your presentations powerfully, and leave your audiences wanting more of your time and information.

Your coaching package is specifically designed to meet your needs and expectations. The work isn’t easy. You will experience some discomfort along the way but nothing great was ever achieved without hard work and commitment. With dedication and some time on your part Booya Seminars will give you the confidence you need to speak eloquently, confidently and succinctly.

Sign up today. Do not wait till tomorrow. Click on the link below to get your “Tailored Coaching Package” immediately. We can start working together today.

To begin your climb to greatness, call (780) 361-0414 or click here to contact Martin Presse to learn more about having your own private coach or ongoing mentor.

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Becoming an Author

Martin also teaches clients the importance of becoming an author in order to position themselves as experts in their industry.  Martin is the author of “The Booya Guide to Great Public Speaking. How to Speak and Present Like the Pros”, “The Booya Guide to Great Public Speaking – Action Guide”, and the best selling book “1000 Tips for Teenages”. Martin has also created a 12 audio CD package based on his book and 13 years of experience as a speaker.

Each year Martin hosts two seminars on how to write a “How To” book in under 90 days. Events are held in Montreal or Calgary, Canada. To reserve your spot at the seminar please return to the home page.

Private coaching is also available. During the private coaching sessions Martin will walk you through creating a book outline, writing, editing, designing and loading the book onto Amazon.com. To join the private coaching program please call 780 361-0414.

Class in Action

Class in Action