Martin Presse’s
Booya System for Great Public Speaking

Public Speaking Training from Martin Presse

If you’re serious about becoming a better presenter, salesperson or public speaker, then this learning system is for you. It’s the Booya way to speaking! Booya means using emotion, commitment, passion, and purpose in your speeches.

Booya Speaking isn’t just about using words, keeping your hands out of your pockets and using vocal variety. Anybody can tell you that… as a matter of fact, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with putting your hands in pockets.

Booya Speaking is about using every fiber of your being to spread your message and leave a lasting impact. Great speakers are not born, they learn the skills over a period of time. Shorten your learning curve dramatically by learning habits quickly and easily. You have it in you to be a great Booya speaker!

This amazing public speaking system includes…

The Booya Guide to Public Speaking

Get 3 different and powerful ways to open a speech… the 6 most important ways to make a fantastic speech really memorable… and that’s just the beginning!

12-CD Set with Bonus Interviews!

Learn all the tools great speakers use to make a lasting and powerful impression on their audiences. Like my speaking coach Craig Valentine says, “Martin, you want to leave them sitting on the edge of their seats!”

You’ll get all the same outstanding content and information from the book — plus 10 additional CD’s with radio interviews with some of the world’s best public speakers. You’ll discover their personal speaking tips, business strategies, coaching programs, and marketing tools along with dozens of other techniques to develop your speaking business. Listen to to the recordings over and over to keep the concepts fresh in your mind so you can apply the latest techniques in your business and speeches.

These CD’s will help you improve little things like making a toast, opening or closing a speech, and controlling your nerves. You’ll also learn how to present full blown 90-minute keynote speeches and look like a pro the whole time. You’ll learn how to improve your website, branding and packaging. You’ll learn to transform your entire speaking business in a very short amount of time using specific tools from speaking professionals who’ve been in the business for more than 20 years and who’ve generated millions in income.

The Booya Create Your Speech Action Guide

It’s one thing to read a book or listen to a bunch of CD’s — it’s something completely different to follow an action guide while focusing on your public speaking goals! Stay accountable, track your progress, and learn faster using the Booya Action Guide!


Martin Presse’s
Booya System for Great Public Speaking

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